Apologies to all…

April 9, 2011

I have been shamefully lax these past few months as I have tried to determine the direction that my life and this little corner of the internet shall go.  Those of you who know me personally are most likely aware that I have been considering starting a local Seattle business much in the vein of Small Hand Foods, but with bitters and liqueurs as well as syrups.  As such, it is obviously not in my best interest to divulge all my secrets here.  However, this doesn’t leave me much content, as almost all of my experimentation is done with the possibility of future production.  So, at this point, I think my blogging efforts will go toward the following:  items I am not interested in making in bulk, drinks I make with my more interesting products, and perhaps tips and techniques for home creations in both drink and syrup/liqueur/bitters…maybe even interesting anecdotes as I work toward creating a business in the food and liquor industry.

And so, what have I been up to these last months?  Some of the larger projects have been: Alexandria bitters, mass production of a finalized sirop de citron, buttermilk liqueur, marzipan liqueur, a blended fruit liqueur, several simple bitters (grapefruit, passion fruit, celery, earl grey), the start of cranberry, kumquat, and pumpkin products, and as a favor, seared pineapple gomme (which turned out pretty amazing).  I am due to write my final thoughts on coconut rum, as I pulled it out early to cut my losses — literally.  I also intend to write up a couple of the other things I’ve been working on, and then get busy sharing some of my more successful cocktail creations of the past year or so.  I can’t promise frequent blogs just yet, but I think I’ll aim for one every week or two.  Meanwhile, those of you who want to see more are always welcome to add me on Facebook, where I am much more loyal about sharing photos and thoughts on libations.  (Just remember to attach a message to your friend request stating that you read my blog.)